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PowePoint Presentation for Alcaterl by

In addition to your speaking skills, a clear and visually rich presentation allows you to capture and retain the audience’s attention, whether in a plenary presentation, in small groups or remotely. Giving your audience the desire to listen to you or read your slides is the objective we will help you to achieve.

PowerPoint Presentations Services

  • Redesign slides
  • PPT and MS Word templates
  • Creation of a specific graphic charter for PPT
  • Content creation and organization
  • Event Keynote Design
  • Animation slides, video export
  • Iconographic research, photos and illustrations
  • Audit, optimization and quality control
PowerPoint Presentations Services

PowerPoint Design by proffice


PowerPoint and MS Word Templates

You want to have a complete template from which to create new presentations. Proffice offers you a complete set of reusable slides and masks: covers, dividers, textual slides, illustrated slides with photo tables, graphs and diagrams, etc. The set is produced in line with your graphic charter.

PowerPoint Template Sage by
MS Word Template Sage by


Design and Layout Services

To make your presentation a great visual experience, we propose the creation of icons and illustrations specific to your visual identity. We’ve equally access to multiple  royalty-free image portals, giving us access to hundreds of thousands of photos that will enrich your slides.

PowerPoint Design by
PowerPoint Design by proffice.agancy
PowerPoint Design by proffice.agancy