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TPA.FR the largest web portal dedicated to private theater in France. This collaborative portal brings together nearly 80 private theaters throughout France to promote their programming to audiences. Since January 2023, the website has been integrating the shows of touring entrepreneurs with their itineraries in more than 1000 venues throughout France.

The project

The TPA.FR portal does not have a commercial vocation and aims to inform Internet users about current events and the private theatrical offer in France. It is also acts as a main channel to initiate the process of booking tickets for shows by redirecting potential buyers to the ticketing platforms of the various theaters or venues. The traffic on the website is supported by actions of SEM, Community Management and by the sending of a personalized e-newsletter.

Website & CMS

Proffice designed and custom developed the TPA.FR website and its CMS. We provide hosting, maintenance as well as technological and ergonomic optimizations (SEO) of the TPA.FR portal to support its referencing. Training sessions and regular support have made it possible for the 80 administrators of the platform to get started with the CMS, and they are now regularly updating and publishing new content.

Communication strategy, rebranding, advertising campaign

Website design and development including a unique interactive  map of touring spectacles in France. 

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TPA.FR Web Portal

Mobile application for Android and Apple.

TPA.FR Mobile App