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Fund for French private theatre

To help hundreds of French privately held theatres to survive during the Covid crisis, Proffice was appointed to develop in an extremely short period of time a collaborative platform where the theatres could upload and manage their requests, while the public authority could evaluate the files and track payments.

Fund for French private theatre
Fund for French private theatre

The challenge

Create, develop, deploy and maintain a national-wide Covid help platform within a few weeks, while allowing a secure access to both theatres & the public administrators evaluating the requests. The platform, running since 2020, has constantly evolved to cope with the ongoing crisis and be able to propose the new help mechanisms defined by the French governement.

Our solution

We have developed the platform based on our proprietary CMS to guarantee maximum security (no publicly known code or opensource used) and face the very short deadline request.
The proprietary allowed as well the creation of custom modules, such as generating PDF receipts and managing online communications between the theatres and  the public administration.